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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

burning the midnight oil and candles at both ends...

what a naughty girl I am,
i really have to get to bed, it's sooooo late....
just finished the following tasks:
1. corrected 30 sum copies, about 6 pages each of lots of small multiplication sums, counting in 2's, 4's, 8's; lots of tiny sums and numbers to decipher and correct...
2. finished and submitted our online tax return; (Yippee, husband wil be proud of me!)
3. used the online curriculum planning tool for the first time to successfully create a Science plan for a very important staff meeting on planning Science tomorrow,
and now
4. i am in here just saying Hello! Hope you are all well,
it would seem to me that winter is already drawing in in places across the Northern Hemisphere, with temperatures of 0 degrees C in Karlstad Sweden as I write and possibly colder in places North of karlstad, there has even been some scatterings of snow, i believe.
The Irish media has lots of ads now for being Winter Ready! there are snow shovels for sale in the local hardware shops, as well as buckets of salt and grit, etc.

It is still mild here, but we are bracing ourselves just in case we get another cold winter. I would really like to buy and install a wood burning stove in our house for the comfort factor and for the independence from the electricity which it would give us, but husband is not so keen, so we'll wait and see how winter unfolds this year.

best part about winter is the 2 week holidays at Christmas, when i get to stay home and spin and knit and blog and stay warm!
i have to go to bed now,
night night,