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Friday, October 29, 2010

oh my poor neglected blog...

Indeed, my poor neglected blog!
midterm break almost over and it's been great!
Went to Ikea last Tuesday, loved that and met some very helpful staff, particularly the kind man who helped me to lift the stuff into the car, twice!!
Today I put up the 3 drawer chest of drawers for son Sean. Eldest daughter helped by putting together a 2 drawer bedside cabinet for her sister.
The old chest of drawers we had up to now went to a project in town where the youth learn woodwork etc by repairing or remodelling donated furniture in need of work.
Baked chocolate caramel squares with my 10 yr old daughter just now, waiting for the caramel to cool, maybe it'll take until tomoro.
4 matches over the weekend coming up now, Cahir Co Tipperary, Murroe Co Limerick, Buttevant co Cork, and Holy Cross Co Limerick.!!! Then Halloween on Sunday night, but it'll be quiet cos there's school next day...
So back to school for the children on Monday but I have one more day off, so I go back on Tuesday, nice....
I've lurked around in other people's blogs, but I've not been great with the comments... sorry...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


nu är vi på höstlov, och det känns såååååå skönt, ....
jag planerar att åka till IKEA i Dublin på tisdag och jag sitter nu och kollar IKEA+katalogen på webben och ordnar min shoppinglista, ååå vilken underbar sysselsättning på en lördag kväll....
Planning my trip to IKEA on Tuesday, sitting here and checking out the IKEA website sorting out my shopping list for Tues..., what a delightful project....
My brother from Monaghan was here today with his wife and daughter, (3 yrs old), and my sister from Cork also visited with her husband and their 2 children, (3 yr old boy and 1 yr old girl), so we had lots of fun with the cousins and it was a dreat day for it.
My door which has been causing me grief by not being properly sealed and letting in a draught, has been fixed by a very good carpenter and my tap which was gushing and splashing has also been tamed by a friend who knows about taps etc. Unfortunately another tap has taken it upon itself to act up and needs to be replaced, so one more item to look for in IKEA...
I am repotting my Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) and geraniums (pelargonium) and bringing them indoors. So I can now face the winter happily.
I really need to get my camera back in action and take some photos of the Autumn colours around here, and in Glenstal, maybe even in Clare Glens.
The clocks go back in a week, it'll be interesting to see how the change will feel again.... sad that another summer is now definitely over, glad to be facing a new season...
Hope all is well with you out there,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

soccer and more soccer...

I'm in Kilmallock again, second time today, this morning 11am for a girls Under 16 soccer match and now again at 6pm for a training session for the U16 girls County development team,
The thing is it's about a 30minute drive from home, so this is a bit of a trek today, but I have the laptop and the knitting, so I'm cosy in the car and enjoying a lovely sunset....
tomorrow brings 2 more soccer matches, (U10 and Ladies) and a training session in Gaelic Football for other daughter!
Luckily we'll have Midterm break in a week!! A whole week off...
The anticipation is wonderful!!
Hope all well out there, have yourselves a good day and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monday, October 11, 2010

where does the time go?!!

So, people, far and near, I can't quite believe how fast the time is going...
September came and went and it's already the 11th of October!!!
We will have a week off from Monday 25th of October, that will be very welcome. The challenge will be to use the time wisely... possibly the best use of the time would be to do as much as I can beforehand, and not leave any major things to do for the week off, coz life has a way of getting in the way!
Needless to say work on the knitting and spinning front is going very slowly, I do love the feel of knitting a few lines, it relaxes me, but I'm not getting to do that often enough.
I'm stuck on the same novel since August, and I still see things around the garden that I thought I would have sorted out during the summer but didn't. Ah well, the winter will kill the weeds..... and the cow and bull who are grazing in the next field have trimmed my hedge beautifully for me!
Autumn weather now, the nice kind, a big High Pressure parked over Ireland giving us a foggy morning this morning, a real pea-souper of a fog, and then a gorgeous afternoon when it finally cleared. the evening was lovely, I went out for a walk along our road, armed with a hurley, in case those two barking dogs up the road jumped out at me, I hate new dogs that bark at you!!!
We are going to benefit from this High Pressure for the rest of the week, instead of the usual series of Low Pressures that sweep in from the Atlantic Ocean, bringing rain.
Week ahead not too bad, in relative terms, but gotta go to the Dentist and the Hygienist on Thursday, that'll be fun (not...)
plenty of sports on with the kids, but that's ok, I'm happier out in the air than inside looking at laundry to be sorted!!!
I haven't had time to do much web wandering, I peek at your blogs, but feel too overwhelmed to begin writing sensible witty entertaining comments, so then I don't leave any comment, oh the pressure to be clever!!!! (only joking...)
Hope you are well, my 'regulars' know who they are,
Apologies to L'frua in K'stad for not replying sooner, I hope the new TV is great!
good night

Saturday, October 2, 2010

slow to get going again...

This time last year we painted the house, here are some photos from last September...

Hello all!!
The laptop is fixed and updated to Windows 7 and all is well. I have installed parental controls so the daughters can only use the laptop for 1 hour a day during the week and I have changed passwords, and given the daughters a separate non-admin account so there's no way they can access my stuff, or change passwords, or change programs etc so I get to use the laptop more, if I had time that is! I'm not blaming them for the laptop breaking down, cos it was a separate issue, I'm just saying that now that they're all back at school and have lots of homework to do that it's best to have the laptop locked to them so they aren't tempted to use it especially in the evenings when they have to do schoolwork and then get to bed early.
I am kept busy with work and housework and taking children to and from training and matches. I love getting out to the matches actually, it's fresh air and a change from being indoors. When the weather is fairly ok I take the younger ones as well with me, for the break. This weekend so far I took 6 children to a soccer match yesterday, which we lost, that cost me a bit in the shop afterwards (chocolate consoles!!!); today I took daughter #3 to a camogie match with her friend, while my other two girls got a lift with their friend to another soccer match. Tomorrow, the eldest daughter will be playing with the local ladies team in a soccer match on the other side of Limerick. So it's all go....
I'm finding it a bit slow to get back up and started blogging again, I have been lurking in here and reading your blogs, but haven't left many comments at all. Also I feel like I should have more photos for you, but I don't and tonight I thought, well, forget the photos, just write!!! I've to get back into the habit of carrying the camera with me again, and having it charged of course!!! For now I am using photos from my archive...
Today is the second day of October, can you believe it??? Apparently it's 12 weeks from today to Christmas Day. More importantly and more immediately, it's 3 weeks until the Midterm break and I can't believe where the time has gone...
I am now the very proud owner of a Spinning wheel, which has come to me via a German lady I 'met' on Ravelry.com. I've been thinking about buying a spinning wheel since 1994!!! Of course now that I have it I discover I am in a very busy period of life, but I console myself that I will have the wheel for a long time so there's no rush!
Hope all is well with you and please do leave a comment, I see from the Flag Counter that there are people from all around the world visiting in here, any comment you would like to leave would be gratefully appreciated and returned!