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Sunday, September 15, 2013

another week done, Autumn on the way

And so another week is down. That makes it two weeks back at school.
This is the week that my eldest daughter with my help bought herself her own first little car. She passed her driving test the previous week.
She will now drive herself to school and home again, and to her part-time job  and home again and I might actually have less driving to do as a result.
Two weeks done at school and plenty to be getting on with, copybooks (exercise books) to be corrected, and children to be reminded of the importance of Full Stops and Capital Letters!
The weather was gorgeous yesterday, it was sunny and warm, however today the weather turned, we woke up to rain (as forecast) and wind. The rain actually died down after a few hours and my Darling Husband hung out some clothes and they dried in the breeze. I was at that point having a nap as I was tired from demonstrating Spinning on my spinning wheel and spindle at the Hunt Museum in Limerick yesterday from 10am to 4pm, I do love to demo and to meet people and answer questions but i didn't realise how tired I already was from the week of work.
All fine now at least.
The swallows were gathered yesterday morning on the telephone wires when I was packing my wheel into the car, before 9am. There is no sign of the swallows today, I wonder if they flew away yesterday? It wouldn;t surprise me, there is a definite change in the air.
What does this week hold? well, some training sessions for my kids, soccer football , camogie etc, plenty school work and house work, not too many sressful things to do, i think, and hopefully I will get some time to take a walk, go for a swim, do yoga and sit and spin too...
Hope you all have a good week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

holidays over, new school year.

So another Summer is over, and another new school year has started.  I hope you have all had a good summer.
I went back to school about a week ago, on the 2nd of September.
It was a bit of a scramble in the end, getting everything and everyone ready for the return to school; no matter how many lists you have and how much stuff you buy, there is always some little item or two that Simply has to be bought Now, the day before school starts. But not to worry, in the end we all went back, I even managed to tidy my classrom and in particular the clutter corner in there, before we went back.
Now we are back our first full week, and all I can think about is Bed!  Getting enough sleep is going to be very important for all of us this academic year.
The weather, which had been very good overall, has now changed to Autumnal to say the least. I for one love the feeling of the chill in the still clear air in the mornings, the chill again in the evenings when the sun begins to go down, and the wonderful sunsets...
I will go now as it is sooooo late, I hope to get back in here again more frequently and write a few lines more often, let's see how I get on with that!
Take care all out there!