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En blogg av en irländska, skriven på svenska och engelska.
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Ta Gaeilge agam freisin, más é an rud é go bhfuil éinne eile le Gaeilge ag léamh mo bhlagsa.

Ich verstehe auch ein bisschen Deutsch, je parle un petit peu francais och klarar av lite norska med.

Wondering about the background of the blog? They're the Cliffs of Moher, in the neighbouring county, County Clare, 8km long, 700m high, and magnificent. Well worth a visit if anyone is around the West of Ireland

Sunday, June 30, 2013

On my holliers!

Yes, I am On My Holidays!!
Finally,  I've a chance to rest a bit, walk a bit, tidy up the house and get sorted for our trip to Sweden in about a week's time.
I am also trying to do a bit of spinning every day, and hopefully will get some knitting/crochet done in Sweden.
The weather is not very summery, but I don't mind for now, I prefer it when the weather isn't extreme. My idea of extreme is anything above 22 degrees Centigrade!
Hope people out there are enjoying your summer, wherever you are, or your Winter if you are Down Under in Australia!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

almost there!

second last day in school today,
holidays tomorrow! Yippee!!!
sports day and raising of Green Flag yesterday, hurray!
roll on Friday afternoon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

displacement activities

is that what it's called when you do not do the task that you really need to do, the one that you have to do for work, the one with the looming deadline, and instead choose to do things like write in your blog, or search online for spinning wheels for sale in Munster Ireland (found one for sale in Kerry) or even in Karlstad Sweden, cause really I Cannot Possibly Go On Holidays Without A Wheel......
meanwhile the piles of reports and tests remain by my side, yes, well I'll be back at them very shortly now
and as for my 2 beautiful spinning wheels, well, I dream of spinning, and I croon to my wheels as I walk past them 'Soon, my lovelies, soon, I will be free to sit and spin.....'
Just another 2 weeks, less than that now as it is now only 9 school days left.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lovely June Sunday morning

It's a lovely Sunday morning in June, what I mean is it's dry, not raining and a bit overcast, but the forecast os good. (Can you tell that my favourite TV programme of all time is the Weather Forecast? and that I love that there's a new one with new pictures every evening?)
I am at my computer, obvs, trying to download a thing called Nitro reader, free pdf reader and creator, and thankfully I have now succeeded. I needed this Nitro in order to wr ite my end-of-year school report cards,  an onerous task which will probably take most of today and tomorrow, bleurgh...., but it has to be done.
I had a lovely walk/run at 8am this morning, (I am now trying to lose a bit of the baby fat, the child is 7 years old after all, it'd be time for me, eh?) Although Run is a bit of an exaggeration, Accelerated Shuffle might be a more apt description. Still, I'm up and out and about, and that has to be a good thing.
Father's day today, gotta make sure two dads in this world are happy, my own and my childrens' dad!
 Hope ye have a good day today!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm back!

I'm back in business again, writing a bit in here and reading your blogs!
Holidays soon, thankfully.
My eldest daughter turned 18, amazing!
We had a glorious week of summer weather in Ireland, but the Weather Gods are making up for that now by pelting us with rain, like the rain we usually get, plus the backlog of rain we didn't get last week as well as penalties and fines for daring to not get rain for a week.
Still, I am ok with the rain, it softens the earth, nourishes and waters the fields and grass and plants and gives life.
I was at a Graduation Ceremony yesterday in Limerick, my brother became a medical doctor, Well Done J!

I have 2 weeks left of school until the holidays Yippee