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Sunday, June 30, 2013

On my holliers!

Yes, I am On My Holidays!!
Finally,  I've a chance to rest a bit, walk a bit, tidy up the house and get sorted for our trip to Sweden in about a week's time.
I am also trying to do a bit of spinning every day, and hopefully will get some knitting/crochet done in Sweden.
The weather is not very summery, but I don't mind for now, I prefer it when the weather isn't extreme. My idea of extreme is anything above 22 degrees Centigrade!
Hope people out there are enjoying your summer, wherever you are, or your Winter if you are Down Under in Australia!

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  1. Well, it's winter and the temp will be 18 in Adelaide today. I like this temp! Have a great trip to Sweden with the crew. Will you see Bob and Suss? Give a big Hallo to all from us.