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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

chillin time.....

so yes I am still on my hols, and enjoying it very much.

Quick summary so far:
June 28th: last day at school.

July 2nd/3rd: Heatwave started in Ireland!

July 5th, 6th, 7th: Feile Camogie competition in County Limerick, my 13 yr old played a few camogie matches in sweltering heat!

July 8th, final day of packing the suitcases, temps of up to 30degrees C all day, couldn't sleep much that night, humid and warm night,

July 9th: alarm clock rang at 4am, all up and out, on the road to Dublin Airport, heading for our flight to Sweden. Flew via Copenhagen, landed Göteborg, about 6pm. Finished off the day with a stroll down Andra Långgatan and a pizza from Pizza Rimini on Plantagegatan.

July 10th to July 22nd: Göteborg, and Karlstad. Bada  utomhus Örsholmens Tjärn (6 ggr minst), bada, bada, bada i Sundstabadet, bada, calzone, bada Getingberget, såg Stamfrändsmonumentet utanför Sunne igen (första gång var i oktober 1990 med Mikael och hans far H), var en heldag på Sunne Vattenland, åt gott hos Ölmes Prästgård ( Farmor fyllde 90), Siobhan såg en snok i vattnet, Sean trillade i, åkte på grusväg hem till Karlstad, cykla, virka, spinna med ny turkisk slända, såg elefanter säl och sjölejon (circus in town), drack Earl Grey te, Jag Körde Hem från Sunne! kusiner V och M, farbror J, Farmor I, BBQ med massor av Mikaels kompisar, cykla, bada, hitta nya lekplatser, åt gott, bada..... (basically translates as lots of swimming in lakes, eating Calzone and other pizzas, a snake in the water, elephants in the park, cycling, crochet, spinning on my new Turkish spindle and a bit of driving, on the wrong side of the road!)

July 23rd: alarm clock 4 am, på Landvetter Airport hotell this time, breakfast buffet (best ever!!) at 4,30 am, then flew out at 7am to Copenhagen, then Dublin, and drove home to Limerick and our own little house.

July 24th: Daughter's birthday, but wet damp dull day, and all that unpacking and sorting to do...

July 25th: party for dear daughter, sun shone and lots of cousins and friends came, all had a smashing day!

July 27th: drove to Kilkenny Nowlan Park for a concert: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! Woo Hoo!!!! Brilliant night, over 3 hrs of non-stop music! Smashing! drove home, got home 1.45am.

July 28th: spent almost 2 hours happily spinning and meeting people in Zest cafe in limerick city, at the Limerick Knitting and Spinning and Craft group

July 29th, beginning to get down to the nitty gritty of doing the stuff that has to be done before school...

Hope the summer is treating you all well wherever you are,
hope it's not too hot, or too wet,
Me, I like it changeable, I do not like searing heat. Love watching the clouds roll in and then roll away after the showers.
Ha det så bra under sommaren!
Have a good summer

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  1. Hej!

    Kul att läsa om din sommar -ja än är den inte slut! Vi har underbara dagar just nu och lite mer...vilsamma. Tänk att du farit förbi torpet bara 3-4 km bort på 45:an till Karlstad, nästa gång får du allt titta in :-)

    Kram Sara