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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Survived, and lots of sun

Well we had a great day. The daughter got confirmed. The sun came out and shone, the visitors came, the house was clean, there was plenty food, the visitors stayed, chatted and ate. We had a great day altogether. I was wrecked tired after it, slept a few hours midday on Saturday.
Today Sunday was another lovely day, and my sister's children came to visit, so it was like a mini-party all over again. More cake got eaten and hurling was played in the garden. Hurling was watched on the telly, too, but Limerick lost, to Tipperary, sadly.
Still, all's well that ends well.
My batteries are recharged and I hope I have the energy required to get through. Luckily, I have two days off, midweek, Wednesday and Thursday, so it really is not such a big deal to work on just Monday and Tuesday.
Photos? well, that's just too much for my tired brain to manage yet. Sorry.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Confirmation on Friday

Our third daughter will be confirmed on Friday. This is a big day, and we will be having a party at the house afterwards. I'm not really able to focus on the spiritual side of it all, as I am so preoccupied with cleaning the house and buying the food. Tomorrow, I have taken a day of my Extra Personal Vacation days so I will be cleaning and shopping....
It'll be warm on Friday, they say, 25 or 26 degrees, this after weeks of temperatures lower than average, so how we will survive the heat I do not know....!
I'll be back to you all at the weekend with a summary if the day's events and whether or not I survivied the stress of it all!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a missing post and its replacement

Don't you just hate it when you've written a long-ish and very satisfying blogpost, only to discover when you press Publish, that the witty and indeed long-overdue post cannot be saved nor published because your silly laptop lost internet connection back at sentence 2, and all that's saved is one daft little sentence.......

Suffice to say that I am not much impressed at laptop for developing a mind of it's own...

The event just described took place on Sunday evening, and it has taken me about 3 days to recover sufficiently from the disappointment to write again. Of course, I will never be able to write what I wrote then, so you will all have to be happy with a simple summary of the last month or so, bullet point style!

* spent Easter holidays worrying about daughter's broken wrist. She took off 2 of the temporary type casts, one after the other, and then after about 6 days of wearing it, she proceeded to take off the Unremovable Bright Pink permanent cast, the one that was supposed to be on for 6 weeks, not 6 days, and removed by a Doctor, not a Teenager....

* took same daughter back to hospital yesterday and got the all-clear, x-ray showed all is well and healed, so she is good to go again.

* daughter nr 3 has her Confirmation coming up at the end of May. This house will require some very serious tidying up. Nuff said about that.

* my knitting machine and ribber have been seen and sorted by knitting machine repair man in Shannon, only problem is the table for the knitting machine is not level so it has to be sorted before I can set up the machine and ribber and get knitting. My fingers itch to get knitting, that cone of chunky purple acryclic is calling my name from the inside of the wardrobe!

* the weather is cold, just goes to show the truth of the saying: Don't cast a clout till May is out. (clout is possibly an old word for clothes) I wore my gloves, hat, scarf and leg-warmers today on Yard Duty. The breeze was cold. Forecast tonight is for wind and rain, although the weather will then improve on Friday, and the weekend should be good.

* I have a thick head-cold which means co-incidentally enough that I also have a thick head. Tiredness reigns supreme. I need to go to bed early. Just 30 English copies to correct and then I can go to bed....

* Hälsningar till dom som föredrar svenska, det var länge sedan jag skrev på svenska, känns det som. Vi lever och har det bra, vi skall till Sverige (GBG och Karlstad) i juli, 2 veckor. Jag ser fram emot det, det är roligt att åka till Sverige. Vi kommer att bada, gå på Ikea, gå på lekplatser, bada, äta pizza och dricka folköl, träffa folk., fika, bada, äta Calzone, och så vidare.

PS. can anyone tell me why this new version of Blogger does not seem to recognise it when I press Enter to start a new line? all my sentences are on top of each other in the published version of this post, even though I had nicely spaced paragraphs in the post when I was writing it... must send a note to Blogger about it!
PPS went back to the old Blogger interface and I think I now have new paragraphs, apparently the lack of paragraphs is part of the new Blogger, you have to use some code to get a line break, but I haven't been able to find out the code. I am very afraid that I may have to move to another provider if this continues, I couldn't bear to have all my posts not have automatic line breaks when I press the Enter key. Off to research the other providers.