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Friday, October 29, 2010

oh my poor neglected blog...

Indeed, my poor neglected blog!
midterm break almost over and it's been great!
Went to Ikea last Tuesday, loved that and met some very helpful staff, particularly the kind man who helped me to lift the stuff into the car, twice!!
Today I put up the 3 drawer chest of drawers for son Sean. Eldest daughter helped by putting together a 2 drawer bedside cabinet for her sister.
The old chest of drawers we had up to now went to a project in town where the youth learn woodwork etc by repairing or remodelling donated furniture in need of work.
Baked chocolate caramel squares with my 10 yr old daughter just now, waiting for the caramel to cool, maybe it'll take until tomoro.
4 matches over the weekend coming up now, Cahir Co Tipperary, Murroe Co Limerick, Buttevant co Cork, and Holy Cross Co Limerick.!!! Then Halloween on Sunday night, but it'll be quiet cos there's school next day...
So back to school for the children on Monday but I have one more day off, so I go back on Tuesday, nice....
I've lurked around in other people's blogs, but I've not been great with the comments... sorry...


  1. Hej! visst är det skönt att ha lite lov. Nästa vecka har barnen höstlov hos oss, själv ska jag jobba men "pappa" är hemma hos grabbarna ...skönt för dom!! Jag åker på syfestival på fredag nästa vecka, di Älvsjö, där kan man hitta massor av kul, garn, broderimönster, tyger och en hel del annat smått och gott. Ha det så bra. Kram sytanten

  2. Bain taitneamh as lá saoire an lúin -(a nice bonus over the majority of teachers I know-the godless corkonians all seem to be resuming on All Saints Day


  3. Hello Bettan and A,
    thanks for the comments! I was beginning to think I was talking to myself, so you can imagine my surprise to see 2 comments on my blog!!!
    Thanks to both of you for commenting. Yes I will enjoy the last days of the break, it has been a welcome step out of the routine...
    Det pågar faktiskt en stick och sy festival i Dublin denna helg, men jag har insett att jag har alldeles för mycket garn redan nu, och behöver inte åka nånstans och bli frestad att köpa mer, :-) nu får jag nöja mig med att använda det jag har!!!
    Hoppas dock att du njuter av eran syfestival!
    regards to you both