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Monday, August 15, 2011

August tipping away, slipping away...

Vad fort tiden går!
Doesn't time fly!

We have had a visitor from Sweden for the past 2 weeks, and we crammed lots of sightseeing into the 14 days.
We went on several day-trips, eg to Fota Island Wildlife park in Co Cork, to Bunratty Castle, to Clare Glens and Glenstal, to County Clare and the Burren and Poulnabrone Dolmen and Fanore beach, to Dingle and Camp and Conor Pass and Slea Head and Gallarus and Kilmaelkaedar, to Ballina and Tountinna and Killaoe and Scooops Ice-cream shop and Lough Derg, to Craggaunowen and Knappogue and Quin Abbey, and of course to town, shopping.....
phew, I get exhausted looking at the list of it all, but it was great fun at the time, and a great opportunity to show my own children a bit of our Irish history and heritage and nature.
How I would love to have photos to show you all, maybe i can get a cd of the photos from hubby's camera and put some in here for you to see.
Now it's back to reality, I just spent a few hours at school tidying my old classroom. And I have almost finished the online Teacher's course i am doing this summer. Next planning and preparing for school for myself as a teacher, and for my children.
Then just to enjoy the last 2 weeks and hope the weather gets better, it's drizzly here, cool, overcast....


  1. It sounds like you have had a wonderful summer. They always go by too quickly though! I was sorry to read on your blog that you won't be blogging for much longer. I will really miss reading about your life in Ireland!

  2. Just checking in-as I post this another week of your holidays has passed-I get queesy at the thought of the re-orientation involved in returning to school(will the return to school give us an indian summer though, that's what all we child free non teachers are hoping, although this year nothing seems to charm the old Irish weather gods-its all down to sunspots, apparently

    A xx