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Thursday, September 29, 2011

second last day of September

By the time I press 'Publish Post' on this, it will be in the early minutes of the second last day of September, 2011.
what have i done this month?
I taught English, Irish and Maths, and other subjects to a class of 30 pupils, 8 and 9 yr olds,
I've written a lot of Yearly Plans for the upcoming year,
I taught my 5 yr old son to cycle without stabilisers on his bike,
I bought a wonderful hammock from Ticket to the Moon, for my 11 yr old, and hung it between two birch trees in the garden and I've been in it! it's yummy!
I taught my class to play Hot Cross Buns and Mary had a Little Lamb on the recorder,(blockflöjt), while simultaneously learning to play the recorder myself, using my mother's old recorder and her old recorder book!
I have stayed up way too late doing all sorts of school plans on computer and have neglected my knitting and spinning...
I have managed to wash and tease some wool samples from Långbacken, in Sweden, oh the joy of the feel of the soft curly wool...
I have burnt all my midnight oil and both ends of many candles...sigh...
I have realised that Sunday is truly a day of rest and should be left as such! A day to meet people and chat, and stay home and swing on a hammock and push a boy on a bike!
I have been busier than I have ever been in my life, but it feels fine so far.
Oh and I have almost lost my voice...
Hope you are all well out there,
regards till same time next month,
now itäs off to bed for this little Cinderella (Askungen), at the stroke of midnight my eyes close and i have to hit the hay, fall into the loppelådan(Flea box!)


  1. Tack så mycket för engelsk/irländsk lektion:-) Jag läser rätt lätt men skriver osäkert och säkert urdåligt.
    Du har verkligen legat i...och alls inte i lopplådan, hihi! Får man bara sin sömn -ibland och får vara frisk är det bara nyttigt.
    Hälsningar från ett höstruskigt Dalsland

  2. Thanks for giving us the update on your life! It sounds like you are busy, but happy!

  3. Kära nån vad du har jobbat både med skolarbetet och hemma - jag är djupt imponerad, men det är väl så att man gärna jobbar på, när allt känns positivt och roligt.
    Jag har missat att du skriver en gång i månaden, så nu gäller det för mig att titta in här i slutet av oktober igen. Du skriver så trevligt och det är alltid intressant att följa dina aktiviteter.
    Ha det gott!
    Soliga kramar,