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Thursday, May 16, 2013

long long time no speak

Well, people,
how are you all out there in bloggland....
It has been a very long time since last I wrote in this little blog, for this I apologise.
For a little while there, I even thought of erasing and deleting the blogg, but then when it came to the crunch I couldn't do it, at least not yet.

I believe that for a blog to be enjoyable and interesting the writer probably should have a good camera and the time to sit and upload the photos and actually get them on the blog; as well as which the writer ought to have the time to write something on the blog every so often (at least weekly).
Unfortunately I do not have these things: husband has an excellent camera, but I have not got the time to get to grips with it, nor do I have the time to put up the photos I do take with my little mobile phone camera nor time for writing as frequently as I would like.
So should I close up the blog or not? Well I am not deciding on that yet.
Life has just been busy around here with the usual, work, children and husband, the house, and more work.
Here's a quick summary:
March 2013: St Patrick's Day and dear daughter's 16th birthday.
April 2013: Easter and holidays and dear son's 7th birthday. 2 German students came and stayed for a week in our house, as part of an exchange programme organised by my daughters' school.
May 2013: 4 Swedes came and visited, and my Swede showed them around County Clare and Adare and Limerick etc.
Husband's birthday this week. Cake at the weekend to celebrate maybe?

Some spinning gets done, some walking, some photos get taken of clouds, wild flowers, wool and spinning wheels, but of course they remain safe and sound in the mobile phone.
For now I will continue to be a blogger, intermittently so.
I can assure you all that I love to read the updates on all my followed blogs as often as I can.I must say it has been lovely to read how life is for different women around the world, via these amazing things called blogs.
Good Luck to you all in your endeavours for the rest of the week and the weekend,
I hope to be back soon again

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