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Friday, October 4, 2013

Deireadh Fómhair, October

And so we are in October, the month known in Irish as 'End of Autumn' ie, Deireadh Fómhair.
Today we had a Referendum in our country, and I had an extra day off, as my place of work, like many primary schools, was being used as a polling station. My son was also off and we did a little bit of shopping in the morning as well as doing some errands that had to be done on a weekday, and then we went home, and son had his friend over for a few hours.
The rain stopped, the sun came out  and it was a glorious afternoon, only getting a bit chilly later as afternoon became evening.
Today I bought my daughter some safety essentials for her car, namely, a good wheel wrench and a high visibility vest. I plan to buy her a full emergency kit next weekend.
I have become very interested in learning more about the History of Spinning in Ireland, and am reading up on this topic wherever I find articles on it. I have my eye on a particular book on sale on eBay, we'll see if I 'win' it or not. More anon....
My wheels give me great joy. I am ever so grateful to have had the bit of money to buy them and to be able to keep them. Now my eyes light up when I see sheep locally. There are about 6 sheep in a field only a mile away. I am thinking of leaving a note in the letterbox of the adjoining house to ask about their fleece, when they get shorn. And I discovered another sheep grazing a lawn of a house 2 miles in the other direction. Needless to say there will not be enough space to store the fleece, nor time to spin it all up. I have plenty to be getting on with as it is.
I am thinking too of selling off my knitting books, and just keeping my spinning ones. After all, there are knitting patterns available for free on Ravelry and Knitty and Drops sites. But information on spinning is not as easy to find.
I got a pair of free tickets to go see Judy Collins (74 yrs young!!!!!) in Dromoland Castle last Sunday night. Darling Husband has been playing me her songs for years and so when I saw the ad in the local free newspaper for free tickets to her concert, I simply had to send off my email and hope for the best. I got the tickets and off we went. The concert was small and intimate. She was great, full of energy, and that amazing distinctive voice. The concert was being filmed possibly for televison in USA. It was just a great treat to get to see Judy Collins! Hubby was happy too.
Tomorrow, a trip to south County Cork awaits, for a christening of a new niece, and on Sunday we will celebrate my mother's 70th with a meal out.
I need to find the cable that connects my phone to the computer, my other camera got broken recently and I cannot put up photos without the little grey Nokia cable to connect phone to laptop....
Life continues, work, school, homework, some housework, meeting up with family and friends, watching the seasons change, children growing......
All is well here, thankfully.
Apologies for those would like some photos, I am aware that my blog needs more visuals, and less text maybe.....
I hope to remedy that soon enough.
Enjoy this Autumn weekend (Spring if you're in Australia!)


  1. Hej! Jag heter Lena och är svenska boende i Wales. Har letat efter en blogg om Irland, som jag då och då besöker som reseledare för svenskar. Din blogg verkar intressant. Ska läsa mer. Själv skriver jag om livet i Wales. Är ganska ny i gamet, men du verkar vara erfaren.Gå in på http://lenaiwales.wordpress.com/. Vad tycker du? Skulle uppskatta mycket att få en kommentar från dej! M v h Lena