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Monday, December 27, 2010

from white to green, overnight!

So for the last 2 weeks or more Ireland has been in the grip of a cold spell which has meant record low temperatures, as low as minus 10 C for us, but as low as minus 17C in other parts of the country. This lasted up to and including Christmas Day, it was all white and frosty, the frost was so thick on the trees it looked like snow, see the photos in the previous post.
But then on the morning of St Stephen's Day (26th December), ie, yesterday, we awoke to something we hadn't seen in 2 weeks or more, green grass, green fields, the Atlantic air had once again worked it's magic on us. I like this kind of weather, I am not really so enamoured in snow and ice, especially when it comes to driving in it.
Admittedly, the roads in some parts of the East were still dangerous, as they had gotten most snow and the thaw spread from the SouthWest, so it took longer for them to experience the thaw, the compacted snow became worse before it melted fully. However here in Limerick, the roads were fine and I even ventured into town with 6 kids, 5 teenagers who wanted to go ice-skating and my 10yr-old daughter who had a burning desire to spend her Christmas money on a Wii game.
Ice-skating went fine, some shops were open for the sales and daughter purchased 2 Wii games and the traffice wasn't bad so I wasn't too stressed, so all went well.
However I think I probably wasn't really ready for that trip as regards my health, as my throat and chest got worse, but a good night's sleep has helped and I don't feel as bad today as yesterday.
Took it very easy today, plenty of web-surfing and bit of housework.
Two of the daughters are gone to a friend's house, so it's very calm here today.
Enjoying leftovers and homemade Christmas cake, so all is well with the world.

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