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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Christmas 2011

I've been blogging for over a year now, so I wrote about Little Christmas, Women's Christmas, aka the Epiphany this time last year in this post.
In practical terms, today for us is the day we take down the Christmas decorations. We can go to Mass if we choose to mark the day this way. And tomorrow would normally be the first day back to school after the Christmas holidays.
So we took down the tree and decorations today and it is wonderful to have that gone from under my feet!
However, we are not going back to school until next Monday, the 10th, that decision was made by the Dept of Education early last year and as it turns out it is just as well... The forecast for tonight is for snow and ice and frost in our province, Munster, and I am glad that I will not be worrying tonight about driving conditions tomorrow for the trip to school for all of us...
So I will rest and be glad of the extra day.
My chest has finally improved and I feel much better, although I still have a dry cough, but it would appear half the country has this problem too, so best to just get on with it! (In fact a lot of people have the swine flu, it says in the news...shudder...)
The daughter's chest has also improved, with modern medicine, and the son, who developed a double ear infection with temperature yesterday, is also imbibing his own little bottle of pink wonder elixir, also known as antibiotics, so we should all be good to go on Monday morning.
So in the meantime I am knitting and spinning and getting back on my feet, ie doing laundry, doncha know... also visiting my sister's house for 2 separate parties on 2 separate days. She and I even took our combined offspring to the Ice-skating in Limerick today.
All happy now.
Stay well and stay warm!


  1. Jaså, ni har fått er beskärda del av snö och is också. Då är det ju extra skönt att slippa ge sig ut på vägarna och köra.Förhoppningsvis är det bättre på måndag då skolan börjar. Hoppas ni alla är krya då.
    Här verkar det inte vara någon ände på snöandet, men det är inte lika kallt för tillfället, som det har varit förut. Alltid något positiv;)
    ha det gott och ha en fin helg!
    Varm kram,

  2. I have just found your blog and am eager to read more. I lived in Ireland (Dublin) for over 40 years and have just recently moved to Seattle Washington. In Ireland I tried to learn Irish, here I am trying to learn Norwegian.

  3. Hi Janet,
    thanks for the comment, apologies for delay in reply.
    I've just been to your blog and am intrigued to read about your interest in learning languages, both Irish and Norwegian. Tell me more!