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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Well, I wish a very Happy St Patrick's Day, to one and all, !
I had a lovely day, relaxing and invigorating.
Stayed home from the parades, did a bit of cleaning, hung out laundry, it was a great day for it, and then went to visit my friend K and her 3 children and hubby D.
We had a great laugh, and a great chat, and it was a gift to have an extra day off in the week, where there wasn't a tight sports schedule to follow, just peace and quiet. I usually don't get to see K that often, the weekends are so busy with sport.

Later in the day, I took out my new-to-me Toyota knitting machine and dusted it off and am now in the process of figuring out how it works. Takes me back to my teens when my mother bought a knitting machine and taught me and my sister to knit uniform jumpers for ourselves for secondary school. I got this knitting machine for free, along with a ballwinder from someone who had been given it, but who had no idea how to work it. I count myself very lucky to have been given this machine.

That's it for now,
see you all again soon,
Tack Lambergsfrua för hälsningen, precis i tid!


  1. your post oozes contentment - glad u enjoyed the day +it didn't even rain! (another sign of climate change??)- i'd say grappling with the sewing machine could be the makings of another blog....


  2. Åh Liz, jag tänkte på dig flera gånger i går på St Patricks Day, men var aldrig inne hos dig för att skriva något. Vår dotter och svärson kom på besök en stund och vi tog ett glas vitt vin på balkongen till St Patrick's ära. Den dagen har blivit en pubangelägenhet för många svenskar. Någon religiös anknytning har vi ju inte till St Patrick.
    Det låter som att du har haft en riktigt fin dag, lugn och skön.
    Vad roligt med stickmaskinen! Du har då sannerligen inga fritidsproblem ;) Lycka till med den!
    Varm kram!

  3. I had always wondered what it would be like to use a knitting machine. If you get a chance please post some pictures!