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Thursday, March 3, 2011

sheep, Spring flowers and the President of Ireland

Today I met real sheep! (I’ve met sheep before, but not since getting my wheel in September, and starting spinning has changed my perspective a bit.)
Today at the petrol station where the pharmacy also is situated, a farmer pulled up his car and trailer, with 4 pure bred young Texel ewes in the trailer and 6 little lambs. My 4 old son was delighted and I spoke briefly to the farmer, that’s how I found out the breed. Made me all proud inside to at least recognise the breed name and understand the term ‘long staple’ !
anyway Mr SheepFarmer was taking the ewes and lambs to their spring grazing and on the way, picking up a prescription for antibiotics for the sheep…
I asked him about the wool, he said he sells it to the wool merchants, I didn’t ask to buy a fleece from him when that time comes, I was tempted but i think it would be too much for my long-suffering family to bear, ie sharing their bathtub with a big raw fleece come summer. The fleece looked really fluffy and thick and it’s only the 3rd of March! How thick will it be by the summer?!!
so that’s my news, photos below.

Come to think of it, if I wanted to I would be able to contact Mr SheepFarmer, as it’s the local pharmacy and I could leave a message there for him. I did mention to him that I had a spinning wheel, so he'll probably remember me from that detail.
Otherwise, Spring is here, photos of daffodils and primroses below also as well as the last of the snowdrops.

Also some roadsigns in the village where I saw the daffodils, it's called Doon, Dún Bleisce in Irish, "the fort of the chief Bleisce"
it's where my girls now go to secondary school, where I also went to secondary school as a boarder and where my mother comes from, so she went to primary and secondary school there, and finally my dad bought a small farm outside this village about 20 years ago, so all roads lead to Doon!
The road sign shows the name of two other nearby villages, Cappamore and Cappawhite, 'the big fort' and 'the fort of the de Faoite clan', respectively.

The President of Ireland? well she visited another local village recently, but hey, I've blabbered enough tonight already and so I'll give the President her own blogpost in the next few days...
Hoppas ni mår bra allihopa, det blir så mycket med jobbet och barnen och min nya favorit sajt Ravelry nuförtiden att jag knappt hinner att skriva alls i bloggen, ni får ursäkta min frånvaro...


  1. Hej! Tak for your comment on my blog, but I couldn't reply, it had no reply at blogger.com on it...but I think if you add your email to your profile then people can reply directly to your comments via email...I think...but don't quote me on it!! Have you seen my latest post, I have started on some mad socks... Did you ever figure out that fancy woolwinder? Hope you are doing well!!

  2. That's such a cute picture of your son with the sheep! You should be thankful you didn't end up getting fleece. A friend and I got an alpaca fleece straight from the farm several years ago and it was a major undertaking. We have promised ourselves we would never do it again. :-)

  3. Hej mars här också +1, men långt kvar tills vårblommorna utomhus orkar upp. Ser så härligt ut med påskliljor vid vägkanten.

  4. Vad härligt att få se alla vårblommor som finns hos dig och de ljuvliga fåren med din lilla goding till son bredvid några av dem. Tack för att du delar med dig och ger oss hopp om en vår även här uppe i Norden ;)

  5. Jag är visserligen sent ute men ändå bara säga Happy St Patrick's Day!