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Monday, December 5, 2011

December 2011

My life has a routine at the moment, work, home, kids and husband, housework, laundry, same old, same old, it sometimes feels like....
Nothing unusual is happening and that's probably just as well, as sometimes exciting times can be very tiring.
Work goes on as normal, I am teaching my pupils the recorder (blockflöjt) which means I am also teaching myself how to play it. I used to play the Irish Tinwhistle, (tennflöjt?), but recorder and tinwhistle have different fingering, so as I teach the children, I am learning myself too. I was delighted with them all last week, they learned Amazing Grace on the recorder and a week later played this song in church at Mass with the older children! And they were good!
Now we are focusing on Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells, and I have a few more Christmas songs I may teach them. It's fun, but they do not always stop playing when I want them to, so I have a little bell to ring to get their attention.
Not losing my voice is very important, so I have purchased a small megaphone for Physical Ed class, especially outdoors, where my voice would just be so strained after 30 mins of giving directions in the big wide open. I have also just this weekend purchased a small portable voice amplifier from Maplin in Limerick, to help project the voice as I am getting quite hoarse after a few days teaching, last Friday I was very hoarse.
All is well at home, sports have died down a bit for now, and I am not constantly driving to matches with children. This time next year my eldest daughter could be driving as a learner! Isn't that a scary thought! She still has 2 more full years in school so I don't think she will be getting a car just yet, but maybe when she heads off to college, she may need one then.
Our weather is quite mild, especially compared to the last two Decembers when frost descended on Ireland and snow, and the cold snap lasted for weeks. Rain and wind at the moment, though from Thursday the forecast is for colder weather.
Let's see how it unfolds.
My spinning and knitting and reading and even walks have all fallen by the wayside for now, no time, sadly.
Bye for now, the pile of Maths exercise copies awaits my red pen!


  1. Hello Liz! Där tar min engelska slut, hihi men vilken vacker bakgrund du har fått till här! Huvaligen -står det folk på klippan, jag med min höjdskräck ryser.
    Apropå eldstad, ingenting går upp mot en värmande brasa kulna dagar/kvällar så fortsätt att tjata på den varmblodige värmlänningen!

    Kram och ruggiga hälsningar från Dalsland.

  2. Hej Skogsfrun!
    Roligt att du kikade förbi min lilla blogg!
    Bakgrunden finns som val i blogger, men tror det eller inte, så är det egentligen en bild av klippor på Irland, inte långt ifrån oss här, på västkusten. I somras, åkte vi förbi klipporna med barnen och mannens brorsdotter. Klipporna heter Cliffs of Moher, det finns fler bilder av dem på Google Images, ta en titt, så får du nog se folk som går väldigt närar kanten, själv skulle inte jag stå ut med att gå nära kanten alls.
    Jag tror jag ska fortsätta att tjata på värmlänningen, det skulle göra stor skillnad att ha en brasa/spis tycker jag.
    hoppas att stormen har inte skadat något eller några i Dalsland...