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Saturday, January 18, 2014

internet connection not good these days

Living in a house on a small country  road in rural Ireland has its charms. Strong internet connections, however, are not one of those charms...
There is gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair here regularly, as the modem stops working and the  websites we would like to view, open very slowly, if at all.
We do not have good enough internet access on the telephone lines yet, so we have a plug in modem, which gives us wifi, if you are sitting in the right place and if the Gods of the Web are smiling on you at that moment. Often it would appear that those Gods are carousing elsewhere and we resort to disconnecting and re-connecting, using the trouble-shooting options, resetting network adapters on laptops and unplugging and replugging in the modem over and over again. Suffice to say that it is unsatisfactory in  the extreme.

On the other hand, if we had perfect wifi all the time, nobody would do anything, or talk to anybody else!

I am sitting here with a head-cold, which will get worse before it gets better, if my husband's cold is anything to go by. I do not need this cold this week, I have to meet parents for parent-teacher meetings on 2 evenings this week, and on a third evening I have to go the Parent-teacher meeting for my second daughter. This week I need to be on top form, but it's not looking too good right now.
Has anyone else had a problem with the cursor suddenly hopping to a totally different part of the page as one types a message online and continue typing in that spot? and even highlighting and deleting words. phrases, whole sentences ? I have to watch this cursor  like a hawk, it jumps all over the place. rather  annoying.
Heading to bed now, plenty to do tomorrow, so I need my sleep now.
Good night to all, stay warm, stay well!

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