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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saint Patrick's Weekend

It is a month since I wrote in here. Apologies to all who like to follow blogs with daily updates, you will find that I am not a daily blog writer.....
The storm of 12th February will not be forgotten for a long time in Ireland, especially here in Munster. The South West of Ireland really took the brunt of it. We were without power for 3 days, some of my friends were without power for 6 days. Isn't that incredible?
Imagine trying to get children to school and yourself to work, on cold wet days, when the house is dark and cold every morning, I don't know how people coped.
We got power back during the weekend, so we were spared the worst of it. We had a single gas burner, so there was a lot of porridge cooked, followed by either boiled or scrambled eggs and copious amounts of tea. Luckily, my mother who lives nearby, is on a different line and got her power back after 24 hours,so we spent a certain amount of time in her house, in front of her stove, warming up, with kids watching TV and rest of us just glad for brightness, and warmth.

The flu or a heavy head-cold made itself known to us after the storm. Coughing and wheezing became everyday difficulties for at least 3 of us in my house:, Darling Husband(DH), Darling Son(DS) and me. All 3 of us went to the doctor with it, and got sick certs and medicine. We are almost back to normal now. All I can say is,  "Modern medicine is great stuff!"

Spring is here, certainly in the last week, one can feel the difference. It has become a bit milder, and there is a huge stretch in the evenings, and the mornings are bright again at last. The snowdrops have bloomed and are now fading, the daffodils are in full bloom and there are some tiny wild pink cyclamens under the trees in a place where I sometimes walk. The wild primroses are flowering on a ditch, about half km away. There are buds and catkins on the bushes and trees around my house.
I love Spring, the hope and the promise it brings.

Sadly, we have had 3 very sad and tragic deaths in the parish and neighbouring parish. I have taken my two daughters, 18 and 16 , to wakes for 3 people they know in the last 3 weeks. It is heart-breaking to think of the pain and grief of the families bereaved by tragic circumstances beyond their control, 3 different situations, unrelated events, but huge sadness and pain for the people who have to somehow struggle on without their loved ones. My prayers go out to them.

Today was St Patrick's Day. My DH took DS to a parade in a small country town not too far from here. I was at a funeral and couldn't go, but I would not really have gone anyway, as I have been many times before. There were parades in the city too, but I am not a fan of crowds so I avoid the bigger parades.

Tomorrow it's back to work and school  for all. My van is going for the NCT (National Car Test) tomorrow after work. It failed the test about 2 weeks ago, on basis of failing handbrake cables, so I have had those replaced, along with some bushings and bearings,  and now I have my fingers and toes crossed, that it will pass tomorrow.

So, time to hit the sack, and dream of the one thing I didn't get to do this weekend: spin, on one of the 4 spinning wheels, yes, I recently acquired 2 more wheels, both second-hand,  both Ashford , both beautiful and addictive.....
I love my spinning wheels.

Take care all!

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  1. It is always nice to see an update from you! It sounds like spring has made its appearance in Ireland. There are sign a of it where we live in Canada too. I'm sorry for the sadness that has hit your parish. It must be hard for everyone, and losing three people so close together must compound the pain. I'm glad you are enjoying your spinning wheel. It can be such a comfort to sit and spin!