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Sunday, August 29, 2010

only 2 days left to 1st Sept

Only 2 days left to 1st September, that's when I go back to work (school, I teach)!
One child goes back tomorrow, 2 more start on Tuesday and me and little son start back on Wednesday.
Back to the routine, which is not a bad thing, actually, I get more done in an average workday than I'd get done in 3 days during the holidays, well it feels like that anyway, I suppose what I mean is I achieve more when I am under a deadline. When I am on the long summer school holidays, there's no deadline and days flow into each other.

I'm not so bothered about going back to work, it's just the amount of work one has to do at home before you get to work and then the work you have to do after you get home from work!!!
all will be well...
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. "Today I was betrayed and in my classroom, now it looks as if up to 16 children could fit in there, thank goodness, so it must look like,"(Weds.) yes indeed I'm still grappling with google translate - ok:if you are expected to accomodate 16 children as a resource teacher I can see you would feel a bit betrayed...however in English you sound pretty sanguine so the 16 must be someone else's problem or maybe you've done such a good job preparing the room it looks so tidy 4 times as many could fit in there-anyway good luck with the new year -i still have a sense of new beginnings in the autumn-don't know why...it's def. not the morning traffic which will be total SH*T from now until UCC go on hols next Spring
    Best Wishes

  2. the Google Translate has betrayed us both,my dear AG!!! the key word 'röjde' in this context meant 'cleared' as in cleared out, tidied up, etc, so the translation would then basically have meant that i 'went and cleared out my classroom, so now it looks like up to 16 children can fit therein,'
    important now that I may have one if not two larger groups of pupils for Literacy and-or Maths, at some point of posibbly each day....
    Indeed September, time of new beginnings, beside me sits the pile of schoolbooks to be labelled for child nr 3 who starts back tomorrow, (the sacrilege of it, starting in August!!!). Needless to say i am engaging in displacement activities, namely surfing and blogging instead of labelling said books.... sigh... 'oh Holy JC, does nothing ever change....!'
    Hugs to you my dear, sorry I never got back with the promised translation, I'll get on it straight away!
    yours in betrayal...

  3. Ja jösses, precis så där är det! Tänk vad man hann med mycket när man jobbade. Ridlektioner när man kom hem (för andra) Min gamla mor bodde hos oss och så syslade man med hunduppfödning (collie) Nu går dagarna med blixtens fart och det är bara* det dagliga stuket, dock med ett par hästar, hundar och katter.
    Vi har varit på spelmansstämman i Åsnebyn och njutit av de irländska ungdomarnas musik och dansglädje, inlägg om det:)

  4. Mile buíochas as an leagan béarla-nach déanach a bhí tú i do shuí-déan iarracht dul a chodladh níos moiche anocht-tá sean aithne agamsa ar an"displacement activity"......ach bhíomar i bhfad eirinn níos óige na laethanta sin- anois tá codladh ag teastáil uainn!

  5. Visst är Google översättaren rolig :-) Ibland skrattar jag så att jag gråter när jag läst vad jag skrivit i min blogg :-)

    Första frostnatten var i natt, en vecka för tidigt. Men jag bor i ett köldhål så mina jobbarkompisar hade klarat sig.
    Ha det gott!