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Friday, November 12, 2010

a good site for weather info

Friends and familymembers in Sweden recommend the website of the Norwegian Metereological Service for uptodate and accurate weather forecasts, so I started using it and like it very much for its graphics and constant updates. I thought I'd post the address of it so here's the link to it now:

I like this site, (did I say that already??), go and have a good click around it, you can choose anywhere in the world to view, and you can choose to have it displayed in English, if Norwegian is not your forte!!

Weather now in East County Limerick, as observed by my good self, from the vantage point of my kitchen table: clouds rolling in from the SouthWest, looks like a heavy shower is on the way, it just got all dark, the day was blustery and showery, so it looks like more of the same for now. There is a half-moon hiding behind the clouds to the south, behind the 2 tall bare beech trees across the road from my house. I never know when the moon is waxing or waning, maybe someone out there can tell me, though I guess I could always go check this online too. Anyway the moon is bright on the right half this evening, now is that waxing or waning, or what is it called? Anyone? anyone?

Today's schedule: soccer training 5pm for daughter 2, 6pm for daughter 3, then home and staying cosy for the night.
Tomorrow: U16 match in Bruff. Both daughter 1 and 2 playing in that.
Sunday: Ladies soccer match in Adare, (Limerick's cutest village, must get some photos for ye) daughter 1 playing in that. Also U10 match for daughter 3.
Inbetween? an online tax return and assorted paperwork for work...
oh yeah and some R, R and R, rest, relaxation, recreation, I hope....!

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