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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fracture Clinic

Today was the day I had to go back to the fracture clinic with my 15yr old daughter(middle daughter), to have her temporary cast removed and replaced by a firmer cast which she will wear for the next 6 weeks or so.
The clinic waiting room was full of people, however the wait went much quicker than I expected. (This may have been because I happened to meet a nurse at the reception desk who recognised me as being from the same area as herself! Not that I asked or anything, but a wait of only 15 minutes to be called is unheard of.... Just sayin'...)

Daughter got a bright pink cast and we left the hospital within an hour. Daughter is not very impressed with the need to wear a cast, but it is indeed a necessary fact of life that when you crack your radius, you need to wear a cast. Daughter has a State exam coming up in June, the Junior Certificate exams. She cannot write at the moment, so I just have to write a letter to the school next week explaining the situation and hope that daughter gets something out of the school day, even if she cannot write. I may not like the situatiion, but there really is nothing I can do to change things so we just have to accept things and battle on.

The weather in Ireland is real April weather, showery, a bit cold, bright sun, followed by huge dark clouds and showers of biting rain, or hail.

Son loves his new red and black bike, and is cycling it like a pro, using no stabilisers. He had a great birthday, even if I say so myself.

Eldest daughter earned a Special Merit in the Texaco Art competition for children. She will not be able to attend the awards ceremony, unfortunately, as it clashes with her Transition year Graduation Evening in school.

Third daughter will have her confirmation at the end of May. So food will have to be ordered and clothes bought. Hopefully we will have a good day, both weather-wise and fun-wise!

Easter Holidays are nearly done, I've still some more things to do here, car to go to mechanic, dental appointments, collecting my new glasses, getting my knitting machine serviced and finally working here at home, knitting up more of my stash, figuring out why my spinning wheel is not doing as I want it to do right now, oh and getting sorted for school next week, of course....bleurgh....
Hoppas att ni har det bra allihopa som läser detta,
hoppas att våren har kommit till er som bor i norra halvklotet,
ha det så bra allihopa!
special greetings to all who have visited from Ravelry!

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