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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a day well spent...!

April, and Easter Holidays... a blessed 2 weeks off school, not worrying about uniforms, or hoemwork, or housework or lunches....
Today however my plans to tidy up this house came to nothing. First I had an appointment for the NCT (national car test) in Limerick city at 8.40am. Sad to say, my van failed, so I will have to take it to the mechanic and have the brakes checked. Then home to rouse the slumbering darlings.
One slumbering darling had hurt her hand last night in a Gaelic Football match and it had developed a small bump last night, plus more bruising today, so off to the doctor with her. It took 1 and a half hours to be seen at the doctor, and then, well, it was as I feared/realised, we were sent to the hospital in Limerick city for an x-ray as the doctor thought that there was a fracture.

Almost 3 hours later, after an x-ray and some waiting, we were told daughter had indeed a small fracture and they put a cast on her, and we could leave. I still had to go by a shop to get some food, no point in arriving home to 3 starving kids and having to venture out again to buy food, so we went by Lidl and bought some food.

By the time I got home at 4.30, I was wrecked tired. My (late) lunch and hot cup of tea was delicious and all I could manage. I am now propped up in bed, writing this. The weather is cold, apparently the wind is from the North. Scotland had temperatures up to 23degrees Centigrade last week and today had 18cm of snow....! Ireland had temperatures up to 20 degrees and today we have hail showers and it is blowing cold and bitter from the North.

Holidays are great, but all too short. I am cramming in appointments, such as a clinic check-up yesterday, the NCT today, an eye-test tomorrow, a service for the knitting machine on Friday morning, a dental check up for me and one daughter next week, and I have to sort hairdresser appointments also. Now I will have a visit to a Fracture clinic next Tuesday, as well.I also want to get some spring-cleaning and decluttereing done, it is impossible with 4 children and work to keep the house streamlined and spartan. I need to move on the clothes and stuff that the children have outgrown. I also need to recycle the items that require a trip to the Recycling centre. I just hope I can get it all done by 15th April!

Spinning and knitting are going well, I gave a spinning demo in the Community Centre for our local Community Expo back in February. I enjoyed it enormously, people were fascinated, I think , and the organisers were delighted. I am daft enough to have started looking for a second spinning wheel, where will I fit that, I ask myself!

I am knitting a scarf using a stitch which I read about in a Swedish craft magazine Hemslöjden, the stitch involves yarn+overs and slip stitches, and it gives a woven look, which is very suitable for the wool I am using, which has various colours in it, so the stitch brings out rows of different colours. I guess I should photograph the scarf and put it up here, later, maybe, when I get up again....

Best wishes to you all out there, thanks very much to the people who come by and visit this blog often, I appreciate seeing the visitors views increase and seeing your locations all over the world.

ps sorry that there are no paragraphs in this, I have no idea why the new Blogger layout does not recognise my paragraph spacing when i write a blogpost.
pps, went back to the old interface and edited this post , so now it has paragraphs!

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  1. I hope you have a relaxing holiday, and that your daughter's arm heals quickly. That is odd that Blogger took away your paragraphs. I am afraid to try out the new Blogger layout, and this doesn't help my feeling of unease.