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Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring is in the air

Hej på er allihopa, Hi everyone! Spring is in the air here in Ireland. So far we have escaped the chilly weather that struck Europe recently, and we have daytime temperatures of around 8 degrees Celsius. I got a photos of these snowdrops near my grandaunt's house, I cannot believe that these are nearly dying back already! I thought I had plenty of time to get a shot of them.
I have seen daffodils blooming and even primroses, (vårviva, i think), but not in a place where I could safely stop and take a photo. I have been spinning on my trusty Dutch spinning wheel, Birgitte. I finally got this spun up and plied, Phaeleonopsis, it's called, which refers to the Orchid flower. I love the green and pink.
Then I did some quick samples of Renee's wool, Renee lives in Jämtland in Sweden and keeps sheep. She also spins and has a webshop where she sells her wool and other wool that she buys in UK and other places. Her webste is called enuldenaffaer.dk and it's in Danish mostly. Here is a yarn with some pink and grey and black , as well as a Merino with mustard and olive green tones, plied with dark grey.
Then I spun up this Merino called Stormy Day. I am afraid it will be a bit too brown and dull in patches when I ply it, but I am going to ply it and see how it goes.
This lovely week off is almost over, and what have I achieved? well i have nursed a terrible cold and improved thankfully. I cleaned the bathroom this morning, down-on-my-knees-scrubbing clean. I have refreshed my head and can face another 6 weeks of work, and then it will be Easter holidays, I think. Then it's the home stretch after that, then Summer! Hope you are experiencing some sort of Spring wherever you are, unless you are in Oz and New Zealand/rest of Southern hemisphere, in which case you will have Autumn now. Bye from me for now,

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  1. Så många vackra garner, men mest njöt jag jag vårtecknen som du bjuder på. Det enda här som påminner om att våren är i antågande är att dagarna blir allt längre. Ljuset återvänder och det är en stor glädje!

    Just i Karlstad är det mycket snöfattigt,men isen ligger fortfarande. Jag spanar efter snödroppar invid värmande husväggar, men hittills har jag inte sett några. Talgoxarna sjunger däremot sin gnisslande vårsång i buskarna.

    Ha det gott!