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Sunday, December 15, 2013

a walk

A walk on a windy but dry Sunday morning.

 Some rosehips.

I went for a walk with husband.

 Stripy bark. (now was it beech or ash, gotta look again at it next walk, think it was beech, actually)

Forty shades of green. An old piece of galvanised roofing sheeting, being used to block a gap in the hedge, in an effort to keep the lifestock in.


Then I went for a shorter walk, with son.

It was very windy here yesterday, and wet, it rained all day. I stayed home most of the day and put up a small wardrobe for dear son's clothes, now I can get back the laundry basket his jackets and some other clothes were being 'stored' in.

Thankfully, today dawned windy, but dry. Up and out to the washing line with me. Nothing like getting 4 baskets of clothes out and drying! In December! Hooray!
Needless to say the rain returned later in the day, about 1 or 2pm, but gladly by then the clothes were almost all dry. And with hubby's help, I got them all in in time, just before the rain began.

Now to get down to the stuff that just has to get done this coming week, maybe a Christmas test for the pupils in school and definitely Christmas Art and Craft.


  1. It's so nice to see you blogging again! I know it must be hard to keep up with your job and family, and the blog added into all of that. I'm glad you got your laundry off the line before the rain returned. Have you been doing any spinning or knitting lately?

  2. Vilka härliga bilder, även om vädret kanske kunde varit bättre med tanke på att det snart är jul. Jag önskar dig en härlig, underbar och vilsam julhelg.

  3. Hej och hallo Liz
    Tack för din hälsning på bloggen!
    Ska vi kanske ordna en surdegskurs hos dig på Ireland?!
    Du ordnar lokal och är vår tolk, vi håller kursen!
    Fundera på det

    Ha en riktigt fin Julhelg och ett gott nytt år 2014!!
    Kanske ses vi då :)