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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

almost on hols, just 3 school days left!

I am almost there, just 3 school days left to holidays on Friday. Tests and craft to finish before that, but hey, it'll happen.
Then just got to make Christmas happen here at home too.
My favouritest thing (I know that's not really a word) about Christmas are those wonderful quiet days in the middle, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, when things quieten down again and if you listen, you can almost hear the earth turn; if you go for a walk, you can certainly hear it breathe....
On these days, I love to go for a walk, do one or two small jobs at home and then get out my knitting or spinning. I now have two wheels as well as a selection of spindles,  and I aim to get plenty use out of them on my time off.
I hope to have a few photos to show you all, I just need to take the photos in natural light and I didn't manag e that today.
To answer kristieinbc's question, yes I have been spinning. I have some chocolate alpaca spun up from the summer and am about to ply some singles spun from Jacob's fleece; both the alpaca fiber and the Jacob's fleece came from 2 animals living at a local open farm, where they also have a llama and some Soay sheep.
I have spun some yummy Ashford merino/silk blend and I have some much tweedier looking yarn I spun from fleece I got at Kerry Woollen Mills about 3 years ago.
I am not getting time to knit much, however I do have a few pieces in progress (Works in Progress = WIPs) and some crochet, lots of crocheted cotton skinny scarves FOs (Finished Objects), it was just very easy to take a ball of cotton yarn and a crochet hook with me on planes, to playgrounds, and to dentists/orthodontists waiting rooms and other appointments.
I am gone into a bit of  a Textile History phase now, reading books, articles and websites about textile history in general, and Spinning and Weaving in Ireland in particular. It is so interesting. I will tell ye about the books I have read in a blog post all on its own soon.
I wish I had the company of some of you knitting ladies in my class at times, as I try to get 30 children knitting for possibly the first time in their lives!
talk soon! Stay warm, stay well!

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  1. Jag gillar också mellandagarna. All stress är över och som du skriver "jorden vänder" mot ljuset igen. God fortsättning på det nya året önskar Kerstin på Öland