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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Craft Fair, daughter bakes and I spin!

Today was the first ever local very tiny Craft fair for Christmas, in our newly renovated tiny community centre, which is actually the old Railway station-house, but the trains do not stop here anymore.
My 12-year old daughter heard about the Craft fair 4 or 5 weeks ago and decided that she had to have a stall at it, she was going to bake. Moi, I was a bit terrified at the work that that would entail, but I bowed to her wishes and rang the organisers and booked a stall. Sure enough yesterday turned into a major baking day, she baked and baked, and I was sent to the shop often to buy extra ingredients.
Well, she did very well, she sold most of her baked goods. I mustn't forget my mother's help here, Mam donated a Christmas cake, (cut into slices and wrapped, thankfully!) and bags of home-made fruit scones. Neither can I omit a certain friend who loyally helped out with the selling end of things and kept my daughter company at the stall.
In my innocence a few weeks ago I also booked a space for myself, so I could demonstrate spinning at the Craft fair.
And so today, I spent 3 and a half hours sitting happily spinning on alternative wheels (I have two wheels now), talking to people about spinning and sheep and wheels and wool and spindles and carders, etc.
I was delighted, it was the best ever way to destress after the marathon baking and packaging session that took up yesterday and this morning.
Photos coming when I get them from hubby's camera.

This was the weekend that all my daughters earned money - eldest worked two days in 2 different petrol/service stations, second daughter did babysitting and third daughter baked and sold her wares at the Craft fair. Very satisfying feeling, let me tell you.
Cold weather coming this week, and we will be getting frost, I believe.
My van isn't quite right yet, it needs a new water pump, mechanic says, so I am waiting for that to arrive and be installed, some time this coming week.
Off to do some school prep now, marking exercise books(we call them copies) took a back seat this weekend, but gotta get down to it now. sigh....

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