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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back from an appointment with the Speech and Language therapist

For about 11 years, I was a Learning Support Teacher in my school, that all changed last September twelve-months, ie, September 2011, when I was re-allocated to a mainstream class.
For 11 years, I would have had ongoing contact with the local Speech and Language therapists in our public health system, as I referred children to them for assessments and help.
Now since I am back in the classroom, it turns out that I still have contact with some of the same therapists, but this time it is not for children, no, this time it is for me!
I have always had voice problems, well, since the first year in Teacher training college, I mean. I lost my voice during my first Teaching Practice after only 4 months in college. My mother and sister who also were/are teachers have voice problems, as in, school and teaching make us become hoarse and lose our voices
While I was a Learning Support teacher, I had very little problems with my voice, but now that I am back in a class, I find that my voice problems are back.
The last time I taught mainstream was with the Junior Infants, (the Reception class, you could say). That played total havoc with my voice, working with up to 28  4- and 5-yr olds, all chatting and all full of  energy. In those years, I would have had quite a bit of laryngitis. Then when I was in Learning Support, I had very little laryngitis.
And now back in a classroom of normal (or boisterous, to a normal degree) pupils, I have voice trouble again.
I have seen my GP, was referred to and have been examined by an ENT specialist. I have no nodules or growths on my vocal chords, so that's a relief. Then I was referred to a Speech and Language therapist.
Tonight I was at my second appointment with my Speech and Language therapist.
I have to think of spreading my facial muscles and bringing my voice up and out.
It is very interesting, even if I am a very poor pupil and forget to do my 'homework' most of the time.
I do hope that the program will help me, as there is nothing worse than waking up without a voice and having to go to school to teach and talk all day.....
Hope all is well with ye, out there in the world, there is severe snow in Sweden I hear, Stockholm shut down today because of the snow.
There may be some snow and sleet here on high ground tonight,
I hope we all stay safe and warm tonight!

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