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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday night, just taking it easy...

The copies are done and the computer is on, I am supposed to be doing school paperwork, but as always when the laptop is turned on and I sit in front of it, I check my few sites, ie gmail, Ravelry, Blogger/blogspot and FB, for any messages.
I will have to make myself do that paperwork, but this surfing time is  relaxing and a bit of fun, a bit of a diversion before I have to do the Hard Work!
On Thursday this week, my father's aunt Mary had her birthday, she was 89. So my mum organised a cake and a little get-together for Mary at her nursing home, and my siblings and I went to visit her for a bit.
My mother-in-law, Inger,  in Karlstad, Sweden will be 90 next summer, and already we (ie the Swede, my husband) has looked at flights and has a proposed date of departure in mind! We will hopefully spend 2 weeks in Sweden, Farmor (Grannny) has her birthday on 14th July, and we will be there for it.
Sad news this autumn included the death of two close and dearly loved members of my husband's family/friends in Sweden, his godmother Karin, who was very close to Inger, passed away and, more recently, my husband's aunt's husband Nisse in Kristinehamn also passed away. Nisse's funeral is next week, but it doesn't look like my husband will be able to go to it. Both Karin and Nisse have played a big part in our lives and more especially my husband's life, and it is very sad to witness their passing.
My husband has a small family, his father died in 1998, so he has just his mother, his aunt, his brother and his brother's family (wife, 2 children) and his cousin and partner in Sweden.
I on the other hand have 10 aunts and uncles on my mother's side, I am the second eldest of a group of about 36 cousins on Mum's side and my father has a large family too.
I am the eldest of 8 siblings in my own family and my mother now has 17 grandchildren,and there could yet be more!

No words I can say can possibly ever convey the depth of the sadness and grief and horror I feel at the deaths of the 28 children and staff in the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut, I offer my sincerest sympathies to the families of all concerned and am praying for them.

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