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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God Jul, Happy Christmas, Nollaig Shona díbh

God Jul på er allihopa,
Happy Christmas to you all,
Nollaig Shona díbh go léir,
I hope you all had a peaceful day today and that you were able to enjoy it in the company of your loved ones.
I certainly enjoyed a peaceful day at home with my husband and children. We went to Mass for Christmas at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve night, then home and left out a little tray with milk and mince pie and a carrot for Santy and his reindeer. Amazingly, the children slept through till 8.03am before they woke to see if Santa had come. After that, dinner was cooked and eaten, and dessert taken, and all is well with the world for now.
Good night!


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful day! We had a very nice time here (in spite of the fact I overcooked the turkey!). Now it is Boxing Day, which means a day of relaxation.

    1. Oh dear, overcooked turkey, I nearly did the same, not too seriously really, thankfully. Otherwise we did have a lovely day.
      By now, (Jan 3rd), the last of the turkey is going to the cats and so it is all nearly over for now.

  2. Glad you got some extra sleep...I came over form the blog forum on Rav..I'm also a teacher..10/11 year olds (we say 5th grade)...I go back Jan 2..so glad for the break!

    1. Hi Gracey,
      welcome to my little blog, thanks for your comment, it is great to get new visitors to this corner of the blogosphere, I hope your first days back went well, I go back on Jan 7, next Monday. So there is still some paperwork to be done, and some relaxation too.